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How To Keep Glasses From Fogging up While Wearing a Mask

A considerable number of people are conscientiously wearing masks to prevent COVID-19 spread. While this is a highly important routine, it is also a major adjustment for the populace adapting to the new staple garment. Not only does it make breathing harder and muffle your voice, but those of us with eyeglasses find ourselves in another predicament: how to keep glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask.

When warm breath hits the colder lens, it cools down, thus forming condensation, or fogging. This can be a pain, especially when you enter a warm building on a chilly day, all of a sudden can’t see, and don’t fancy wiping off your specs without disinfecting your hands first. Luckily, glass-wearers have come up with brilliant fixes for this common problem.

5 Ways To Keep Glasses From Fogging Up

1. Use a Mask With a Metal Strip

First and foremost, because the mask must protect both the mouth and nose, it must fit snugly against both. Not only is it more effective, but it also keeps your breath from hitting your specs. Win-win! If possible, opt for versions with metal strips to ensure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.. If not, try using twist ties (e.g., from a loaf of bread) or tape to adjust your protective garment to your needs.

2. Put Your Glasses Over Your Mask

Pull your mask further up and bring your glasses slightly down, so they’re on top of the mask. Thus, any escaping breath will miss your glasses.

3. Put a Tissue Under the Mask

Grab a tissue and pop it under your mask at the bridge of your nose. Thus, the tissue absorbs the fog-inducing moisture from your breath.

4. Wash Your Glasses With Soap and Water

Some glass-wearers recommend gently yet thoroughly washing your eyewear with soapy water immediately before you strap on your face mask. A protective filmy barrier from the soap will form, allowing the water molecules to spread out evenly on your spectacle lenses, thus preventing them from clouding up.

5. Use Shaving Foam

Apply a dab of shaving foam on your lenses, then dry them with a cloth. Similar to the previous method, this know-how keeps your glasses clear of condensation.

If you would like to learn to make your own protective mask, please check out this DIY fabric face mask tutorial. Even if you’re not particularly sewing-savvy and you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry — anyone can follow these easy instructions. With the help of an ordinary plate, you can make a pattern of your fabric face mask and sew it by hand in a mere half an hour.

Hopefully, these tips on how to keep glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask help you solve the issue. Enjoy your clear specs! Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments section — we would love to know which of these methods works best for you. Stay safe!


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