How to Make Fluffy Pancakes

Hot fluffy pancakes are delicious, no matter from which side you look at it. How fortunate for us that they are served in stacks. After all, it is impossible to limit yourself to only one.

The secret of the popularity of pancakes lies in their simplicity and variety. The ones with yeast and kefir, sweet ones with pumpkin, apples, berries and savory ones with herbs, ham, eggs. There are even meat pancakes! Needless to say how many serving options for pancakes are there: with jam, honey, butter, chocolate spread, fruit syrup, sour cream…

how to make fluffy pancakes

Unfortunately, sometimes you’ve tried and tested many recipes, but the results are far from expected. Yes, they are sweet, tasty, and fragrant, but there’s no expected fluffiness. Often we lose sight of the little things that significantly affect the results. Check if you make common mistakes in the pancake preparation!

Mistakes in the Pancake Preparation

Pouring Oil Directly Into the Pan

No matter how you spin the pan afterwards, you won’t evenly coat the bottom of it with oil, and this will lead to uneven heating. Confectioners advise to grease the pan with oil using a pastry brush.

how to make fluffy pancakes

Beating Longer Than You Need

There is no need to use a whisk when all the ingredients have already turned into a smooth batter. Further beating will provoke a greater release of gluten from the flour, as a result, the pancakes will be dense.

pancake preparation mistakes

Putting Too Much Stuffing

Of course, it’s great to experiment with different flavors and aromas, but an excess of chocolate chips or berries won’t let the batter rise properly during frying. 2 tbsp of chopped banana or frozen berries is enough for a serving. Next time try adding a little coconut, it will give the pancakes an exotic aroma and interesting texture.

delicious pancake rules

Flipping Too Soon or Too Late

If you flip the pancakes ahead of time, you will most likely have to flip them over again. And this will immediately affect the fluffiness. If you miss the right moment, the pancakes will burn. Tip: flip over as soon as bubbles appear on the surface and begin to pop!

pancake making tips

Preparing the Batter in Advance

It may seem like a great idea to mix all the ingredients in the evening, and then make the pancakes in the morning . But baking powder starts reacting immediately after you make the batter. Half an hour later, and even more so in the morning, you won’t get the desired effect.

pancake making mistakes

Not Letting the Batter Rest

Yes, it is unacceptable to leave the batter alone for more than an hour. But pouring it directly into the pan is also a mistake. 5 minutes to rest (for the right amount of gluten) is enough.

how to make perfect pancakes

Using the Wrong Pan

Owners of electric pancake makers are the lucky ones: the device itself maintains the right temperature and ensures heat distribution. We advise the rest to use a flat cast-iron frying pan or a special ceramic pancake pan.

perfect pancakes

Not Adding Salt and Sugar

Many don’t add salt because of the saltiness of the baking powder. Nevertheless, salt is crucial for the batter, as it slightly dilutes it. The situation with sugar is also more about chemistry than sweetness. Crystals are caramelized during frying. Thus a delicious crust forms on the surface. By the way,  we advise you to slightly sweeten the meat while frying for exactly the same reason.

10 mistakes in pancake making

Not Using Buttermilk

Many recipes for fluffy pancakes include buttermilk. Many replace it with milk without hesitation. It’s a mistake, since buttermilk reacts better with baking powder and the pancakes become more fluffy. The effect of buttermilk in the batter can be obtained by mixing several tablespoons of mayonnaise with eggs and sunflower oil. Tested and tried method.

perfect pancake batter

Pouring a Lot of Batter in the Pan

There is nothing wrong with trying to make more pancakes at a time. But each new portion of the batter reduces the temperature of the pan, which affects the fluffiness. In addition, if the joined edges of the pancakes are not fried, then the pancakes also turns out crooked. Spend a little more time, and you will be proud of perfectly smooth and round pancakes!

airy pancakes

Now you know how to make fluffy pancakes. Try surprising your loved ones with something special: gluten-free banana pancakes or sweet and healthy spinach pancakes. We hope you found this article useful.


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