Using Iodine for Plants

Iodine increases the number of blooms and works like a booster for plants. In this article, we’re going to tell you when and how to correctly use the solution for geraniums.

Geraniums are loved for their low maintenance and beautiful blooms. But even this easy-to-care plant needs fertilizing. You will immediately understand when your beloved geranium is capricious: the plant actively increases the amount of green leaves, leaving you without blooms for several months.

Using Iodine for Plants

Set aside conventional fertilizers until spring. In the fall, many plant lovers advise using iodine solution.

Why Is Iodine Good for Geraniums?

You should water the weak plant with a solution of iodine once a week. It promotes the growth of roots, which begin to absorb nutrients from the soil better and faster. This immediately affects the condition of the plant.

How Does Iodine Affect Geraniums?

  • leaves become flesh, their color is more intense
  • the blooms become larger and brighter
  • blooming time is extended

Also, iodine acts as an antiseptic for the soil. Prevents the root from rotting, prevents pests, protects the plant from diseases.

How To Use Iodine for Geraniums

To prepare an iodine solution for watering geraniums, add 1 drop of iodine to 4 ¼ cups (1 l) of room temperature water.

Note! Moisten and loosen the soil in the pot the day before watering with the solution. Otherwise, you risk damaging the roots.

For one plant, you will need about 3 to 7 tbsp (50–100 ml) of the solution. It depends on the size and age of the flower. Try not to get the solution on the leaves when watering. If this happens, pat them dry with a paper towel.

Towards winter, switch to regular watering with room temperature water. After a while, your favorite geraniums will delight you with a long blooming. Was the article useful? Leave your comments below.


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