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Inside Jennifer Lawrence’s Diet and Fitness Plan

Not only is actress Jennifer Lawrence famous for her roles and relatability but also for her fierce personality and proclivity to junk food. She must be doing something right regarding the latter, though, since she has managed to maintain a killer physique. What does her diet and fitness plan look like?

Dalton Wong, her former trainer, whom she met in 2010 on the set of X-Men: First Class, spills the beans. Find out how J. Law keeps fit and healthy. Perhaps you’ll become inspired to try applying some of these tips in your life.

11 Things Jennifer Lawrence Did to Get the Body She Has Now

Generally, Jennifer Lawrence is anti-exercise and anti-diet, but being the professional she is, she does dabble in both when a role requires it.

The valuable lessons Dalton Wong taught her while preparing her to play Mystique stayed with her, and she acknowledges that in the foreword for his book, The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier & Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Day.

“He changed my body for that movie but gave me the skills to change my life,” she writes. “We remain good friends; when I’m in London I love to train in his gym, then afterwards we go out for burgers and fries with his family. It’s all about balance.”

1. 15-Minute Workouts

Many people find it hard to commit to an hour of exercise, but most of us can devote 15 minutes in our day to focus on ourselves. Throughout a day of filming, Wong would have Jennifer do short bursts of high-intensity interval training.

2. Body Weight Training

Not having dumbbells as weights should not be an excuse not to get your sweat on. Many exercises — squats, lunges, pushups, planks — do not require any equipment, fancy or otherwise. Engaging your body weight can be an effective way to strengthen your body and maintain your fitness.

3. Runs and Walks Outside

While filming, Jennifer started her day with a jog or a walk to get her body moving and clear her mind to prepare for her day. Going outside in nature does wonders for your health, physical and mental, especially if you are cooped up all day working in an office or from home.

4. Relaxing as Part of the Exercise Routine

The simplest, easy to administer, time-efficient, and adaptable therapy is the basic breath. No wonder that people tell you to take a deep breath when life gets stressful. Wong taught Jennifer to end her training with belly breathing and stretching. Not only does it help relax and sleep better, but it also speeds recovery after exercise.

5. Hydrating

Water keeps you hydrated; it flushes out toxins and aids in digestion. You may have heard the quote: “The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.” Well, Dalton Wang believes in drinking salt water, and he taught J.Law to dissolve a little salt in her regular water.

6. Controlling Serving Size

Jennifer Lawrence loves indulging in pizza and fried chicken as part of her diet, but she enjoys them in moderation. If you feel like working on portion control, start with Wong’s “Rule of Two.” If you’re hungry, eat a starter and a main and if you want to lose weight, have a starter and another starter as your main. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy a main and share a dessert and if you want to lose weight and have a sweet tooth, eat starter as a main and share a dessert.

7. Opting for Healthy Snacks

Snacking is a habit that can support your health goals. The key is to opt for food that is working for you rather than the other way around. Here are some Wong-approved snacks: Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, hummus and vegetables, air-popped popcorn, celery with peanut butter, cashews with blueberries, almond milk, hard-boiled eggs.

8. Opting for Organic Food

Wong is a staunch advocate for everything organic and homemade. He believes that you can indulge in your favorite foods provided that you prepare them yourself and know everything that is going into them.

9. Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation results in weakened immunity, trouble with thinking and concentrating, memory issues, weight gain, and a whole plethora of other consequences. If you are feeling exhausted, Wong advises having a power nap to relax and let your body recharge. Furthermore, going to bed early and have enough sleep will ensure you wake up with energy for a productive day ahead.

10. Eating Chocolate

Wong suggests taking the edge off the craving before it takes hold of you with dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, which Jennifer had occasionally.

11. Maintaining Posture

Correct posture makes you look younger, thinner, and taller. The actress’s workout routine involved such exercises as the T-bird. To do it, straighten your back, bend your knees slightly, and push back your hips. Let your arms hang down and turn your thumbs out before raising your arms to create a T-shape with your body. Squeeze between your shoulder blades and keep your core engaged. Wong recommends doing the move for one minute.

Generally speaking, diet and fitness plan of Jennifer Lawrence features activities that involve moving about, consuming food in moderation, maintaining mental well-being, and enjoying life. All things considered, it is an accessible and actionable formula for success. We hope you enjoyed this article and it inspired you to apply some of these tips in your life. Stay healthy and safe!


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