List of Foods With Calories

Calorie counting is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. To keep weight under control, you need to pay a lot of attention to the diet. If you do it right, you can quickly get into shape and improve your condition. And it’s not just about the figure, but about all the functions as a whole. And today we’ll try to figure out why it’s so important to calculate calories and how to do it properly. You will also find a list of foods with calories at the end of the article.

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Food is the main source of our energy. The body spends this energy to ensure a full metabolism. If there is not enough amount of energy in the body, metabolism will slow down first. If there are more calories than the body can use, they are stored. The rule is simple and straightforward.

As a matter of fact, the need of counting calories results from it, so as not to exceed the standard. How to determine the standard calorie amount? Fortunately, the experts did it for us. For women leading sedentary lifestyle, this is approximately 1500–2000 calories per day, for men it is about 2300–2400. If there is regular physical activity, then add another 200 calories.

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If you plan on losing weight, you need to start meticulously counting calories. First you need to understand how much you really consume, and then adjust the diet. That’s the whole secret of keeping the body fit.

Thinking about counting calories, you probably imagine a boring and laborious task. However, the main thing is to get used to this process and make it a part of the routine. To calculate the calorie content of a meal, all its ingredients must be weighed. Then, using the table, calculate the calorie content of each one.

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This way you can determine the total amount of calories in a single serving. In general, everything is easier than it seems. Soon you will know what is what. All that remains is to find the tables and the data about calories in food. It just so happens that we have a couple of such tables.

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Food Calorie Table

Here you will find calorie data for the most common foods and drinks. It is quite possible to make a complete diet out of these. The table shows the calorie content of 3 ½ oz (100 g) of a product.

Vegetables and Fruit

vegetables calories

Dairy Products

It’s a little more complicated than in the case of vegetables. The calorie content of dairy products varies depending on their fat content. Most often, manufacturers specify the calories on the package. When not sure, it’s worth checking with this data.

calories of dairy products

Fish and Seafood

All of this data is true for fresh products. Remember that adding oil affects calories. Therefore, if you need information about canned food, for example, it’s worth looking at the packaging.

seafood calorie content

Meat and Sausages

meat calorie content

Drinks and Cereals

The calorie content of drinks depends on the sugar content, so accurate data is difficult to obtain, especially if the products are homemade. However, an approximate amount can be determined.

drinks calories

These simple tables will greatly help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. We hope the information was helpful. Perhaps you would like to know more about this subject?


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