How To Purify Drinking Water

Tap water has long lost our trust. Drinking it can harm your body. Even after boiling, many dangerous substances remain in the water. And the taste is also far from great. However, not everyone has the opportunity to use expensive filters or constantly buy bottled water. So is it possible to purify drinking water at home without spending a lot of money?

In fact, many natural methods help make poor-quality water safe to drink. They are simple and work quite well. To get the best result you can combine them. You will immediately feel the difference. In this article, I’ve listed the most popular methods of water purification, so read on!

Easy Water Purification at Home

Settling is one of the most common methods for improving water quality. In a few hours, all the particles we don’t need in water sink to the bottom. But this is only the first stage of purifying.

Settled water must be poured into a bottle and put into a freezer for 1–2 hours. Make sure that the water doesn’t freeze completely. Clean water freezes faster. But the one with contaminants remains liquid longer.

However, this method is not very convenient. You need to constantly monitor the water to find the right moment. I think that purifying water with silver is a more practical option.

First, you need to boil the water and pour it into a suitable container. Then place a silver item there. You can use a wire, spoon, or a special ionizer.

You’ve probably heard that silver ions have disinfectant properties. The metal, placed in water, stops the development of microbes. Of course, it can’t make any water crystal clear, but it disinfects tap water quite well.

In addition to improving the chemical composition, ionized water tastes much better. It has sweet aftertaste. Water filters are still worth thinking about. After all, using a combined approach, you’ll get much better results.

There are other similar methods in which minerals are used: shungite, silicon, and quartz. Some also add activated charcoal to water. So you can choose an option that suits you. What is the best way to purify drinking water, in your opinion? Feel free to leave your comments below!


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