16 Best What’s Going on in This Picture Images

If for some reason you feel like your life has become boring and monotonous as of late, and each new day is the repetition of the previous one, we suggest you take a look at this selection of what’s going on in this picture images. These will definitely cheer you up!

No Photoshop here, everything that happened — happened, by the will of His Majesty, Chance. Enjoy this fun selection, choose your favorite, and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

What’s Going on in This Picture?

  1. Beware of the rare fire-breathing dog! You better not forget to feed him.
  2. Apparently, vehicles do morph into the characters from Cars.
  3. Ain’t that a good view? Albeit a bit weird.
  4. Heya, I only need to ask a quick question.
  5. Models who came out to clean the streets of their community.
  6. Aaah, hello, darling, I wasn’t expecting you this early!
  7. Did you know pearls could look so very deadly?
  8. I’m a little bit stuck at the moment. Come back later!
  9. An experienced housewife would know how to get rid of extra pounds!
  10. How you doin’? Us? We’re just hanging around here.
  11. You’re not the only one who’s hot, thank you very much!
  12. I have long suspected that my cat is a witcher.
  13. A good company knows to focus on the target buyer.
  14. Why not try turning your frown upside down, dear?
  15. I didn’t quite fit. So sorry about this, Ma’am.
  16. When you’ve overslept and need to get out of the house FAST!

Such skill! Bravo to the authors of these photographs — apparently, they have a super fast reaction! Have you ever taken a similar what’s going on in this picture image? It would be awesome if you shared it with!

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