Why You Shouldn’t Put Bananas in Fruit Salad

What should a fruit salad consist of? It may seem that any fruit will do. But it is not so. Just by skipping particular foods, you can take your dish from mediocre to perfect. Today we are going to talk about why you shouldn’t put bananas in your fruit salad.

There are many fruits that don’t work well in fruit salads and bananas are one of them. Here’s why.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Bananas in Fruit Salad

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t add bananas to your fruit salad is that they can speed up the ripening process of other fruits. The thing is bananas release a gas called ethene which causes the ripening or softening of many fruits. But some fruits, like oranges, don’t respond to this gas.

If you don’t plan on serving your fruit salad immediately, skip the bananas. They quickly turn black, get soggy, and mushy. The entire salad gets covered with a thin layer of slime. So if it’s important for you that the dish looks appetizing this is another reason not to add bananas to it.

Presentation isn’t the only problem. The next reason not to use these fruits is that when you add bananas to a fruit salad everything just ends up tasting like a banana. But how to use bananas then if you really like them? Don’t worry, there are many uses for this fruit, and they are definitely better than a soggy salad.

Alternative Ways to Use up Bananas

Bananas are very delicious in so many recipes. If you have too many bananas, you can use several to make a delicious and healthy homemade alternative for store bought banana chips.

Got overripe bananas? No problem! They are perfect for making gluten-free banana pancakes.

To help with sleep and digestion try making a boiled banana and cinnamon remedy.

And don’t forget about the peels! You can use them as a fertilizer for your indoor plants.

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