How to Fold a Fitted Sheet In 30 Seconds

Fitted sheets are pure magic. Not only do they fit snugly over a mattress, withstanding all the tossing and turning of restless sleepers, but they are also a lot easier to make a bed with. Nevertheless, although a very convenient invention, a fitted sheet does pose one problem — it is a pain to fold.

If you’re a proud owner of a fitted sheet or several, you may relate. How many times after struggling with the frustrating piece of fabric for ages, you gave up and hid them in the back of your linen closet? No shame here. But if neatly folded fitted sheets are a dream for your closet organization, check out the tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet below. Try this method; once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to get it done in less than a minute.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

  1. Start by grabbing your sheets right out of the dryer; thus, they have less opportunity to wrinkle.
  2. Lay the sheet on a flat surface with the elastic facing up.
  3. Turn the two bottom corners inside out and tuck them into the corners on the opposite side, matching the corner seams.
  4. Neaten the edges to make a nice rectangle and smooth everything out.
  5. Next, fold the fitted sheet into thirds.
  6. Finally, fold the ends in towards the center before folding again into a square.

By folding your fitted sheets into little squares and stacking them on top of each other, you will save precious space on your shelf. To make things even more convenient, slip each sheet into its matching pillowcase for quick access and a neat look.

Conquering this task will make you feel like you can do anything. After all, if you can neatly fold a fitted sheet, you can tackle other annoying chores like descaling a kettle, getting rid of that unpleasant fridge smell, organizing your kitchen storage, and cleaning the oven door glass.


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