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What To Do If You’re Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Since I started working at home, my level of activity has dropped drastically. I suspect that because of this I gained excess weight and acquired insomnia. Previously, I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep. My days were full of tasks and activities. But now my bedtime turned into a real problem.

Insomnia worsens the state of health: it causes headaches, dark circles under the eyes, and bad skin color. The lack of sleep can also impact your appetite. I decided to try a couple of tricks I found on the Internet. To my surprise, they helped me fall asleep immediately.

What To Do If You’re Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Rest After 8 P.M.

Often people can’t fall asleep if they are too excited. Try to find peace and calm yourself down. The conditions of your room also play an important role in the fight against insomnia.

If you want to go to bed early, prepare yourself for sleep: turn on dim lights, minimize all the sounds in the house. Doctors don’t recommend doing household chores and sports after 8 p.m. You don’t need an excess of adrenaline in your blood, do you?

The Rewind Trick

You’ve been lying in bed for a while and still can’t fall asleep? Try the rewind trick. To do this, remember the plot of your favorite book or movie. Then try to retell the story in your head but from end to beginning.

Firstly, you will get positive emotions before going to bed (from “watching” a movie), and secondly, you will get a bit tired. The body will require immediate rest.

Improve Your Breathing

Rumor has it that you can fall asleep using a special breathing technique. To do this, you need to alternately breathe through one nostril. The most convenient way to do this is to cover the other nostril with your finger. Breathe slowly. Think back to your last vacation or other positive moments in your life.

I’ve tried more than one method of treating insomnia. But the point is they don’t work on their own. To fall asleep quickly, you need to prepare for bedtime in advance. You must use up all the energy, calm down and ventilate the room. Remember that sound sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle.


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