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100-Pound Weight-Loss Story From Mom of Three

People embarking on a weight loss journey know that it will take time and effort. Though it would be wonderful to become healthy and fit in a blink of an eye, unfortunately, it is not an option. There is no magic solution to weight loss. Everyone is, of course, different, and what specifically works for one person, might not necessarily work for another. Generally, though, it is all about healthy eating and exercise. And this mama to three babes, prone to obesity since childhood, knows it all too well. Here’s her weight loss story.

Today’s article is about a young American girl who wanted to lose weight. Health problems, dissatisfaction with her appearance, and, of course, her children, led her to such a decision. At the time, she did not know how to go about it, but her journey began with fierce determination.

Meet Georgia

Georgia Malbrough, a 26-year-old from Louisiana, has never felt confident in her body. In childhood, she weighed more than her peers, which made her very self-conscious. In adolescence, she began to eat away her insecurity problems. Of course, this habit only aggravated the situation.

But then Georgia met the love of her life. They got married and had three children. At a certain point, she started feeling that she could no longer keep up with them, so she decided to make a change in her life. She started reclaiming her health by altering her daily menu.

What Georgia Eats

In one of her Instagram posts, the woman shared what she eats in a day. For breakfast, she made espresso without milk and sugar and scrambled eggs. Sometimes she can replace this go-to with a protein shake. Georgia’s lunch is a low-fat grilled steak and green salad, but dinner — chicken with beans or rice. She snacks on grapes, apples, and cucumbers throughout the day.

When Hungry, Drink Water

After 13 months of dieting and exercising, Georgia lost 100 pounds. The woman admitted that she used to often confuse thirst with hunger. Therefore, now she makes sure to drink a lot of water. If she’s feeling hungry, she always drinks water first. Today, food is no longer a source of joy for her. Now it is just fuel for the body. Eat to live, not the other way around!

Fitness and Small Children

Nowadays, Georgia is a fitness trainer. She helps other people lose weight and reclaim their health, leading by example. The woman admits that being a mom is an exhausting full-time job all on its own. But once the body gets used to the physical activity, it can easily withstand a whole day of fun with 3 active toddlers.

Hopefully, Georgia’s weight loss story has inspired you. Many new moms strive to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. But how to lose weight if there is absolutely no time for healthy food and exercise? Motherhood is hard, but if you work on trying to organize your day, you’ll definitely be able to allow half an hour of me-time. After all, we need to be role models for our children. If you’re a happy and healthy mama, then chances are your kids will be as well. Do you agree?


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